Hi! I’m Christina and I’m the owner of this little passion project called Petals & Leaf Springs Flower Truck. I’ve always had a love affair for flowers and gardening, as well as a desire for a garage full of classic cars. A true tomboy at heart, I created this pop-up flower truck to fulfill my dreams of being a business owning, flower peddling, classic car driving girl in need of a creative outlet.


So, what exactly does the name mean? The name represents the playful balance of the organic and mechanic components of my life and passions. Petals pays tribute to the feminine/organic elements; contrasted by the very mechanical/masculine Leaf Springs, which is a simple, yet strong part of the suspension on the truck.


Which brings me to my partner in crime – Wallie!

Wallie is my 3-speed manual transmission 1965 Econoline pickup. Uprooted from SoCal and restored into a flower truck, he now gets to embrace the next stage of his renewed life as my business partner. Wallie was originally used in the US Navy and bounced around Southern California until ultimately, he became what he is today…the cutest, flower slingin’ truck around Orange County.

Asset 9_2x.png


Wallie would not have been possible without many supportive players in my corner.  I’m blessed to have a retired mechanic for a stepfather who not only taught me how to drive the truck but put a lot of back-breaking labor into the restoration process. Tom – thank you for allowing me to take over your weekends, remind you why you retired, and for slowly and painfully, teaching me the ins and outs of a rust bucket.  


Luckily for Tom, he wasn’t my only mechanical resource. I also took over any spare time my life-long friend Matt had. Matt – beers and poke bowls really go a long way for you, so, thank you for always letting me take up space in your shop, answering my nagging texts, endless brainstorm sessions, and all the hours spend under Wallie when you have a perfectly good shop lift.

And Kurtis … Kurtis, thank you for deciphering my award-winning doodles; taking my ideas and turning them into a design normal people understand, and always giving me your honest opinions, even when I didn’t want to hear them.

Of course, it goes without saying my mom played a vital role in this process as well. I’m not sure how you continuously find a way to support me in all the crazy shenanigans I cook up for myself, but you’re always there supporting my process with even crazier ideas.

The gratitude list could go on and on because I have a lot of supportive family and friends who without knowing it influence and inspire me daily.




Definition of petal


one of the modified often brightly colored leaves of the corolla of a flower

leaf spring


Definition of leaf spring

a long, narrow, multiple spring composed of several layers of spring metal bracketed together: used in some suspension systems of carriages and automobiles.